Tamworth’s Imperial Hotel publican Michael Foxman pleads guilty to several charges but cases adjourned for negotiations | The Northern Daily Leader

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IMPERIAL Hotel publican Michael Foxman has pleaded guilty to several charges, including intimidating staff and allowing a sex show at his pub without a licence. Foxman arrived at Tamworth Local Court on Thursday in the hotel’s shuttle bus, flanked by family including his mother, who he is bailed to live with in Sydney. The hotel licensee, who is banned from entering Tamworth unless for court, backflipped on his not guilty pleas on the day he was due to front a court hearing. Foxman admitted to two counts of intimidation; allowing indecency at a licensed venue; and furnishing an entertainment area without development consent. But he is yet to enter pleas to two counts each of attempting to influence a witness in the case against him; and perverting the court of justice. Defence solicitor Chris Ford told the court “representations” or negotiations with police were needed. Mr Ford tendered a specialist report to the court and told magistrate Peter Thompson that a mental health application could be entered on the next occasion in relation to the intimidation charges. “If you take into account the state of mind, there’s a direct causal link between that and the actions,” Mr Ford said. “There’s no physical threat of action; it’s more indicative of his frame of mind when potentially facing jail.” Read also: Mr Thompson expressed serious concerns about the intimidation, given the two complainants were employed by Foxman. “I can tell you right now my concerns relate to the charges of intimidation,” he said. “These types of offences are almost invariably in circumstances where someone believes they are going to face a custodial sentence and action is taken.” Foxman pleaded guilty to development not according to consent in the hotel between 7pm on June 14 and 12:30am on June 15. Mr Ford told the court Foxman put chairs in a part of the room he “wasn’t supposed to” during an event. He also asked for Foxman’s bail to be varied. “He’s residing with his mother in Sydney, in terms of bail; he is on bail for the second set of matters and I understand there is no opposition to a reduction or deletion of the reporting conditions,” he said. The bail variation was not opposed and Foxman will no longer have to report to Waverley police everyday. The matter will return in April when Mr Ford foreshadowed a mental health application will be made. Police dropped two charges against Foxman, including influencing a witness and failure to comply with requirements at the licensed premises.



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