Golf club break-in: Tamworth’s Braham Murry Williams charged with aggravated break-in a golf club | Strike Force Ousley | The Northern Daily Leader

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A THIRD man has been arrested by a strike force investigating several hits on businesses including a ram raid where police fired shots at a getaway car. Braham Murry Williams was arrested at Tamworth police station on Tuesday morning by officers from Strike Force Ousley. The dedicated strike force has been investigating several what they claim are targeted hits on New England North West clubs, and other businesses, as well as a ram raid. Williams, 38, is not charged over the ram raid in Werris Creek, but is alleged to have been involved in an break-and-enter at the Wee Waa Golf Club on Golf Club Road at about dawn on January 21. READ ALSO: After investigations by detectives, he was charged on Tuesday morning with one count of aggravated break-and-enter dwelling and steal goods in company. Williams was refused bail by police but made no application for bail in Tamworth Local Court on Tuesday. Magistrate Julie Soars formally refused bail and ordered police to begin compiling the brief of evidence. Williams will remain in custody until the case returns to court in late May. Williams is the third arrest by Strike Force Ousley – which is being led by Oxley detectives and the state’s Robbery and Serious Crime Squad. Jacob Burns and Dylan James Stahn remain behind bars, after their arrest in Wee Waa earlier this month. The pair are alleged to be behind the targeted hit on the Werris Creek Bowling and Tennis Club in the early hours of October 14. Police allege the accused were at the centre of the ram raid where police fired shots at the getaway car in Werris Creek. As part of investigations into the targeted hit, detectives homed in on links to several other offences across the North West including the attempted theft of an ATM from a bank in Bingara on July 29 in 2018; stolen cars from a business within Narrabri on November 18, last year; and a break-in at the club on Golf Club Road at Wee Waa at about dawn on January 21. Police said during that incident, cash and alcohol were stolen. After the arrests of Burns and Stahn, both aged 22, police raided two Wee Waa homes where they seized clothing, a Hyundai Accent and Holden Commodore, and other items they claim are connected to the investigation. Want more crime and court news? Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today


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