Coronavirus, COVID-19: Mass will continue throughout Catholic Diocese of Armidale | The Northern Daily Leader


Anyone with flu-like symptoms and those who are more at risk from coronavirus are being urged not to attend church, as the Catholic Diocese of Armidale attempts to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The Diocese is working in cooperation with local parish communities to ensure mass can still continue at this stage, while meeting the requirements for mass gatherings. “The Mass and Sacraments are important to Catholics and every effort is being made to continue provision of these whilst at all times complying with the regulations and taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure public health is safeguarded,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “Those people who have symptoms associated with a possible coronavirus infection are being asked to not attend Mass. “The people who are in a risk category, such as the elderly and frail, are advised to stay at home.” The Diocese is “actively monitoring” government advice and will respond as necessary if the guidelines from the government change.

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