Make your own hand sanitiser: Simple recipe to battle coronavirus

With hand sanitiser supplies running low across the country, some enterprising people are making their own and sharing the instructions online.

Here’s one of the easiest recipes — and it’s been approved by two expert scientists.

Dr. Lifeng Kang and Dr. Hien Duong, pharmaceutical microbiologists at The University of Sydney’s School of Pharmacy, confirmed that you can use a combination of pharmacy-bought ingredients like rubbing alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol) and aloe vera gel, as long as you follow some simple rules — ensuring the rubbing alcohol content is at least 70 per cent, covering your gel and keeping it in the fridge.


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media_cameraA man uses a hand sanitiser at this month’s Cheltenham Festival horse racing meeting in England. Picture: AFP

“The alcoholic gel should be kept in a covered container to prevent evaporation of the alcohol, because evaporation will reduce the concentration of the alcohol,” Dr. Kang told

“The commercial hand sanitisers may contain other ingredients, for example preservatives, to prolong shelf life. Homemade sanitiser contains only alcohol so it is better to keep it in a fridge for prolonged use.”

Here is the Taste-tested recipe, amended from one shared by US author Maryn McKenna:

Mix in a clean container:

170ml rubbing alcohol (70-99 per cent strength).

80ml aloe vera gel.

Optional few drops of essential oil for scent.

Decant into a clean covered container or dispenser and keep refrigerated.

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