Carina Leagues Club closes, coronavirus stage 2 shutdowns

CARINA Leagues Club’s mascot Lucky is all on his own this week with the community hub empty.

The lonely image of the cardboard cut-out at the door tells the devastating story of the impact of stage two restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus.

More than 130 employees, 90 per cent casual staff, are without a job with the club shutting its doors to the public last Monday.

The last few administration staff left yesterday.

Despite the club’s cheery farewell video posted on social media ending with “We’ll be back ASAP”, General Manager Doug Wakefield said closing left a huge hole for the everyone.

“Unfortunately it has affected everyone. Anyone who has holidays or entitlements, we have to pay that out. We’ve been dictated to, not that we are complaining, but it’s tough for some,” he said.

“At the end of the day it’s the casuals and the young people who are hardest hit by all of this, all of the mums and dads that have mortgages.””/>
media_cameraCarina Leagues Club general manager Doug Wakefield feels for the 130 staff out of work as he closes the club in line with stage two shutdowns. Picture:AAP/Sarah Marshall

The club’s management was moved by messages of support from the community including Rois and her mum Heather who was born the year of the Spanish flu, 1918.

“She saw the difficulties with WWII and many other world events, but nothing like this! Carina Leagues has been like another family to her and she cares very much for your wellbeing,” Rois said in an email to the club.



The story was the same at other community hubs across the region from the recently renovated Easts Leagues Club and the two-year-old Dendy Cinemas at Coorparoo to Oxford Street’s cinema, pubs, restaurants and cafes.

Under the stage two shutdowns announced last week all registered and licensed clubs, licensed premises in hotels and pubs, casinos and night clubs are closed along with cinemas and entertainment venues.

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