Coronavirus: Infected nurse dies by suicide over COVID-19 fears

An Italian nurse who contracted the coronavirus has taken her own life after she feared she had spread it to others, it was reported.

Daniela Trezzi, 34, worked in the intensive care unit of the San Gerardo Hospital in the city of Monza, in the Lombardy region, which is the epicentre of Italy’s coronavirus crisis.

Daniela had been at work since Italy was hit by the virus, around six weeks ago, according to the National Federation of Nurses of Italy.

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media_cameraThe 34-year-old worked at a hospital in Monza, northern Italy.

She had already suffered considerable stress after working on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak and had been off work since March 10 after testing positive.

The nurses’ federation said Daniela became extremely anxious out of “fear of having infected others”, Il Messaggero reports.

The group said: “We express our pain and consternation over the suicide of our young colleague.

“Our 450,000 professionals will join together around the relatives and family of Daniela.”

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Daniela Trezzi took her own life after becoming infected with the”/>
media_cameraDaniela Trezzi took her own life after becoming infected with the coronavirus.


The coronavirus death toll in Italy has now overtaken that of China, where it originated.

Doctors in Italy have warned the country is facing a “catastrophic” situation.

More than 2,600 medical workers have now been infected in Italy – over eight per cent of the country’s total cases.

The figures were released by a health foundation which said the “huge number” of infected medics showed that procedures and protection equipment for doctors were “still inadequate”.

Italy’s doctors have described patients who would normally be in intensive care having to be left on wards without the equipment or staff to properly treat them.

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

Originally published as Virus-infected nurse’s tragic end

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