COVID-19 Liverpool Plains Shire: councillors back decision to postpone local govt election | The Northern Daily Leader


Liverpool Plains Shire’s councillors have agreed that postponing the NSW local government elections til September 2021 because of the coronavirus was the right move to make. Liverpool Plains Shire Council (LPSC) mayor Andrew Hope said it was great to see the state government “protecting the community, which is their job”. “I support making sure we don’t have people congregating in big groups. Hopefully we’ll be over it by [September 2020] and they’ve put in place in case we’re not,” Cr Hope said. Read also: LPS councillor Doug Hawkins said anything must be done “to get rid of this thing”, meaning the coronavirus, even it meant delaying events. “In the scheme of things it’s a small deal with other things we’ve got to go without,” Cr Hawkins said. “This thing isn’t shaping to be a very nice episode for the next six or seven months, in any case.” Mayor Hope said the most important thing now was the protection of the community. “We’ve got an aging population so we’re being extra cautious and looking at all the things we may have to close,” Cr Hope told Australian Community Media. “Anyone who needs help, pick up the phone and talk to us. Your own health is more important than anything.”

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