Firearms stolen from New England Gully Road home at Moonbi, and Yarrie Lake Road property at Narrabri | The Northern Daily Leader

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POLICE believe dash cam footage could hold the key to two separate break-ins on farms where firearms and other goods have been stolen this week. Homes in Moonbi, outside of Tamworth, as well as another near Narrabri were hit overnight on Tuesday – both where cars would have been needed to get to the properties. The New England Gully Road property at Moonbi was targeted overnight on Tuesday, after the owner left home, police said. Officers confirmed cash, cameras as well as a Ruger M77 model .223 calibre bolt action rifle were stolen. READ ALSO: Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy told the Leader the firearm was locked away in a gun safe, in a locked house in Moonbi. “We have information that a car was parked out the front of the property, at a locked gate, and we’re appealing for anyone that might have been in that area, or who might have seen suspicious cars, or anyone parked unusually,” he said. “Anyone that saw any vehicles in that area, police need to know. “We believe the car was parked at the gate, before the offenders accessed the property and we are hoping someone might have dash cam footage from the New England Gully Road area between 5.30pm on Tuesday to 12pm on Wednesday.” A property on Yarrie Lake Road at Narrabri was targeted between 9pm on Tuesday and 7.30am on Wednesday. Detective Darcy said the property owner locked the home as he left on Tuesday night, and returned to find his place broken into. “One firearm, a Sterling rifle was stolen along with other property,” he said. “Police are appealing for anyone that saw any cars on the Yarrie Lake Road, or anyone with dash cam footage, to come forward to speak with investigators.” Anyone with information on the break-ins or suspicious vehicles is urged to contact Oxley police on 02 6768 2999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Want more crime and court news? Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today

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