Hong Kong pro-democracy District Councillor arrested after being accused of sharing cop’s personal data

Police have arrested 61-year-old pro-democracy District Councillor Cheng Lai-king at his home in Lai Yiu Estate, Kwai Chung. The arrest took place at 1.30am on Friday. Pro-democracy lawmaker Ted Hui quoted Cheng’s lawyer as saying that police have yet to reveal the reason for arrest, but Cheng told the lawyer that she was arrested under suspicion of “incitement” and “spreading rumours online.”

Hui said he was enraged by her arrest as he met the press outside Kwai Chung police station with other district councillors at around 3am: “[I think] she was arrested because she is a district council chair and because of her political stance as shown in [online] post that contain criticisms to the policePolice are using their power to target public figures who have had conflicts with them.”

cheng lai king central and western district chair arrested

Cheng Lai-king at district council meeting. Photo: inmediahk.net.

Cheng reshared a Facebook post which contained a photo, name, rank, and home address of a police officer who was accused of blinding Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah with projectiles last September during a protest. Veby’s legal team say police have refused to disclose who was responsible.

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Elizabeth Quat said she filed a complaint against Cheng which accused her of violating an injunction which prohibits the sharing personal data of police officers and their families. ”The content violated High Court injunction HCA 1957/2019…” she wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

During a district council meeting with police chief Chris Tang, Cheng – who chaired the meeting – requested that all plainclothes officers present show their warrants or leave.


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