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When the first government measures to slow the spread of coronavirus were brought in, Kellie Singh knew she had to change how Tamworth City Dance Academy [TCDA] delivered classes. So, they went online and delivered some of their classes through Zoom – a screen-sharing platform. The teachers live streamed from the studio to students at home. “We took it into our own hands and we decided to test it all out on Saturday with juniors and tinys,” Mrs Singh said of the live streamed classes. The day after that initial streamed class, it was announced that indoor sports centres were being shut down. READ ALSO: So, TCDA adapted again and now classes are streamed from the Singh household to all age groups. It means only family members are able to run the classes but, the Singhs are ready-made for this situation. “We don’t have all the teachers but luckily Miss Lily and Miss Chloe are dance teachers within the house and family,” Mrs Singh said. “It means we’re not going 24/7 and we can have breaks between dances. “And at the helm of all the technology is the amazing Paul Singh, my husband. “He’s the techy guy who has really had to learn so much, so fast, and roll something out.” Mrs Singh said health was now as important as ever as COVID-19 forces people inside. “We’re all going to be at home and we all need to be fit, healthy and connected,” Mrs Singh said. “It’s been made possible by the amazing parents who have cleared lounge rooms, or studies and given the kids a screen so they can do it. “We were lucky enough to already have a strong community and we can continue those fabulous connections.”


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