Tamworth play equipment banned at 150 regional parks | The Northern Daily Leader


Play equipment at close to 150 parks around the region are no longer allowed to be used. The bans are effective from today and come a day after it was revealed there was seven confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tamworth. The play equipment bans include the Tamworth Regional Playground, the outdoor gym and splash pad at Bicentennial Park while Tamworth Marsupial Park and Tamworth Regional Skate Park will both be closed down. Barbecues at public parks will no longer be in use However, Tamworth Regional Botanic Gardens will remain open. Tamworth Regional Council Sports and Recreation staff started erecting signage across the region late yesterday after the decision was made. READ ALSO: – Get the latest news on the coronavirus outbreak in Tamworth – Dancers go digital to keep classes going in uncertain times – Dam it: Copeton Dam, Lake Keepit parks closed before Easter rush



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