Townsville weather: Wind, rain expected this weekend

Windy conditions could bring a greater chance of showers for Townsville at the weekend.

Overcast conditions are to be expected for the rest of the week, Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Alex Majchrowski said.

“There’s not much (rain) expected for (today). It starts to increase on Saturday, but not much to be expected, just up 5mm,” he said.

Showers are most likely to come in the afternoon or evening. The most rainfall is expected on Saturday.

Mr Majchrowski said people venturing out on the water can expect fairly lumpy conditions, with 15 to 20 knot winds blowing from the southeast.

“That’s going to continue all weekend,” he said.

High temperatures of about 30C can be expected at the weekend while minimums will hover about 22C.

Mr Majchrowski said these temperatures were normal for Townsville at this time of year.

He said weather conditions would be consistent for much of the state at the weekend.”/>
media_cameraRemy Moore, 5, with Cooper is ready for rain on the strand. Picture: Evan Morgan


Friday: 22C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Saturday: 23C/30C. Shower or two.

Sunday: 22C/31C. Possible shower.

Monday: 22C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Tuesday: 22C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Wednesday: 23C/30C. Partly cloudy.


Friday: 23C/31C. Shower or two.

Saturday: 32C/29. Showers.

Sunday: 22C/30C. Showers.

Monday: 22C/31C. Shower or two.

Tuesday: 22C/30C. Shower or two.

Wednesday: 22C/30C. Shower or two.

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Friday: 21C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Saturday: 22C/30C. Possible shower.

Sunday: 21C/31C. Mostly sunny.

Monday: 21C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Tuesday: 21C/31C. Mostly sunny.

Wednesday: 21C/31C. Partly cloudy.

Charters Towers

Friday: 18C/32C. Partly cloudy.

Saturday: 19C/32. Partly cloudy.

Sunday: 19C/33C. Partly cloudy.

Monday: 19C/32C. Partly cloudy.

Tuesday: 18C/33C. Mostly sunny.

Wednesday: 18C/33C. Partly cloudy.

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