Tactical unit police officer infected with virus

A Police Tactical Unit (PTU) officer has been infected with the Covid-19 virus, according to preliminary test results.

The 31-year-old man officer is stationed at the Kowloon West Regional Headquarters. The force said he has taken part in patrols in the past 14 days.

He has had no travel history, the force said, but he felt unwell and went to hospital for treatment on Sunday.

The force said it has asked officers in the same team to stop work that requires interaction with the public.

And as a precaution, the police say they’ve adopted measures requiring people who come in and out of the police station to have their temperature checked, as well as asking the police to put on a face mask at the PTU’s operational base in West Kowloon.

It added that they have thoroughly disinfected police vehicles and relevant facilities at the station.

And the force says it’s been in close contact with the Department of Health in providing the roster and records of the infected officer, so health officials may arrange further quarantine measures for his close contacts.

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