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LIKE so many Australians, I am a sports fan. Covering sport for the Leader has no doubt been a highlight of my career so far. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and forced the postponement of sporting leagues the world over, I like so many other Aussies, have been left wandering in a state of bewilderment. However, this is not the first time Australian sport has been put on the back burner to allow the country to focus on more pressing issues. Read Also: Most major sports were put into hiatus during the World Wars, only to return bigger and better than before. The optimist in me hopes this issue will be no different, as each sport’s governing body is doing its best to ensure the game will be there when the good times return. Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today. In the meantime I, like so many other fans, have turned my attention to classic matches from by-gone eras. In the absence of modern-day heroes, we have looked on at the classics on the edge of our seat, despite knowing the result. It’s this love of sport that ensures it will continue to be played in Australia long after this pandemic has passed. I feel it is also worth noting, some of Australia‘s greatest sporting heroes were born in some of our country’s darkest times. Bradman’s appetite for runs was outstanding to say the least. However, the hope his accomplishments gave to Australians battling through the Great Depression solidified him as an icon. Likewise, Phar Lap’s unbelievable performances gave crowds a reason to cheer when there was not much else to cheer about. Have your say, send a letter to the editor. I’m sure there are many other examples across a number of sporting codes who have helped lift the spirits of people during tough times. It’s these kinds of examples that excite me and make me wonder who will be among the next generation of sporting stars to help lift our spirits. Steve Smith, Valentine Holmes, Dustin Martin? Only time will tell and I will be right there to cheer them on as we find out. Billy Jupp is an ACM journalist. Sign up to receive The Leader’s breaking news and top stories straight to your inbox.



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