Oxley police searching for owners of rare coin collection seized in Wee Waa police raid | The Northern Daily Leader

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THE owners of a unique coin collection could help police to solve the puzzle behind a haul of stolen goods seized in a raid. Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy said the rare coin collection, along with jewellery and cameras were uncovered in the Wee Waa raid. Police believe the owners might not be connected to Wee Waa, with investigations going statewide to find thm. “The coin collection is quite distinctive and police need to identify the owners as part of our investigation,” he said. READ ALSO: “The coins were located and seized in a search warrant of a premises in Wee Waa on Friday, and since then we have been trying to locate the rightful owners to those goods.” Police also seized cannabis and drug paraphernalia in the raid. No charges have been laid but investigations are continuing. Anyone with information is urged to contact Oxley police on 6768 2999. Want more crime and court news? Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today



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