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They are out there putting themselves on the front line, and now doctors are doing something new to save not only our lives, but also our businesses. Doctors from the Hunter Resident Medical Officers’ Association (HRMOA) are calling on any restaurants able to provide junior doctors with deliverable, individually pre-packaged meals for the region’s major hospitals. Feeding doctors and offering a quick morale boost, it’s not a hand-out they’re looking for but rather paid, equal partners. The group’s president Dr Molly Fowler said shelf-stable foods like readily available muesli bars for common rooms are also needed for doctors to grab on the go. “We get a coffee delivery everyday from a local cafe Era which we’ve been able to maintain during these crazy times,” Dr Fowler said. “It’s a great relationship and we really appreciate that we can still get coffee from them with everything going on! “Ideally we’d like to maintain a relationship with the local cafes but need to carefully ensure that portions are individually packaged and we aren’t sharing food items, so that we don’t accidentally infect all the junior staff in one go.” The COVID Pandemic has come to Hunter New England and the effects are not just seen in the wards, they are seen in the streets, shops and towns all across the region. Heartened by the strong community support from the community during the Covid-19 pandemic, the group says this is a way to thank the people they serve. “Now, more than ever, we need to connect with the community in this difficult time,” Dr Fowler said. “To be clear we aren’t asking for any discounts, we want to support all our favourite local businesses who are struggling with the decreased business, as we have always used their services and want them to be around on the other side of this pandemic.” READ ALSO HRMOA members work providing emergency, surgical, medical and intensive care services at Tamworth and Armidale Hospitals, John Hunter Hospital, Calvary Mater Newcastle, Belmont Hospital, The Maitland Hospital, Manning Hospital. To help out, email and cc in Alternatively, call provisions manager Dr Ellie McEwen on 0428 983 506, or treasurer Dr Bhavi Ravindran on 0409 911 318.

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