Tamworth man accused of driving stolen car in Bourne Street, Tamworth | The Northern Daily Leader

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A MAN has been arrested, accused of being behind the wheel of a stolen car in broad daylight in Tamworth. Police allege the 36-year-old man was driving a Hyundai Getz in Coledale about 3pm on Monday. Oxley Detective Acting Inspector Jason Darcy said the Oxley Target Action Group (TAG) was on a proactive patrol at the time when they spotted the wanted hatchback. “Police stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Bourne and Sussex Streets at 3pm after police inquiries revealed it was stolen from a Tamworth home overnight on Sunday,” he said. READ ALSO: “The occupant was arrested and taken to Tamworth police station and the vehicle was seized for forensic analysis.” The man is facing a charge of illegal use of a motor vehicle to front court at a later date. “This detection was as a result of proactive policing operations by the Target Action Group who are out there, on patrol everyday,” Detective Darcy said. “These patrols are continuing because it is business as usual for police in detecting crime.” Investigations into the stolen car are continuing, police said. Want more crime and court news? Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today


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