Manilla bird kill: more than 50 Corellas dead or injured in mass poisoning at Manilla, near Tamworth | The Northern Daily Leader

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MORE than 50 birds have been poisoned near Tamworth with authorities launching an investigation into the mass bird kill, which they believe was “deliberate”. More than 50 Corellas were found dead or seriously injured in Manilla earlier this week. The birds were discovered in Strafford Street, on the north-eastern side of Manilla, and round the Viaduct Bridge. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has launched an investigation after it was notified on Tuesday by a local wildlife carer. READ ALSO: EPA Manager Regional Operations North Branch Lindsay Fulloon said the EPA is appealing for information on the “apparent mass poisoning of native birds”. “This appears to be a large scale targeting of the birds and we are concerned that it could have been deliberate,” he said.
“We are getting some of the birds tested to determine the cause of death, but we are also reaching out to the public for any information they may have about this tragic incident.” Investigators will visit the area but have asked locals to stay away from the site because it could be dangerous. Mr Fulloon said poisoned, dying or dead birds may pose a risk to anyone handling them and to wildlife which may consume them. “Anyone handling the birds should wear personal protective equipment including heavy duty rubber gloves,” he said. Anyone who noticed suspicious activity in the area or with information on the poisoning is urged to contact the EPA as soon as possible. “Anyone with information about the deaths of these birds is asked to ring the Environment Line on 131 555 or email Information provided by the public will be treated confidentially,” Mr Fulloon said. Want more crime and court news? Support the local news that keeps you informed – subscribe today


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