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‘”All right, said the Gruffalo, bursting with laughter. You go ahead and I’ll follow two metres after.” If you’ve spent hours reading The Gruffalo to your little ones you’ll know that’s not quite how the book goes, but author Julia Donaldson and are creative partner Axel Scheffler have reimagined some of their favourite children’s classics for the age of coronavirus. They have created a series of images to help children make sense of social distancing. Favourite books like Stick Man, Zog, The Gruffalo, Room on a Broom and The Scarecrows’ Wedding have all but given the social distancing treatment. Room on a Broom asks that the cat, the dog, the bird and the frog all stay well apart. While The Scarecrows’ Wedding will have to find a new date. Zog and the Flying Doctors tell the lion to sneeze into his hanky and not his paw. And The Highway Rat is up to his usual thieving, this time holding up shop assistants for soap and loo roll rather than chocolates and biscuits. Speaking to the BBC, Axel Scheffer said the new pages were more for entertainment than information. Julia Donaldson has also been performing ‘Julia Donaldson and Friends’ on Facebook with weekly performances on The Gruffalo Facebook page. Read more If you’re looking to stay up to date on COVID-19, sign up for our twice-daily digest here.

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