Canadian universities face student backlash over Hong Kong police job ads

Job postings for the Hong Kong Police Force have appeared on student job boards of three Canadian universities, according to pro-democracy student groups who have tried to get the postings removed.

Hogan Lam, an active member of the University of Toronto Hong Kong Extradition Law Awareness Group, said the job posting “doesn’t make sense” as according to the requirements, HKPF is trying to recruit Hong Kong students like him.” alt=”heidi lee hong kong police canadian university job listing canada” class=”wp-image-261736 amp-wp-enforced-sizes” width=”960″ height=”960″ layout=”intrinsic”>
Photo: UofT HK Extradition Law Awareness Group, via Facebook.

“[The Hong Kong Police Force] kind of just underestimates the Hong Kong community [here] and international students who are trying so hard to advocate for human rights in Hong Kong,” said Lam.

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