Coronavirus US: Man almost beheads father in brutal Zoom call stabbing

A Long Island man has been charged with murder in the second degree, accused of knifing his father to death while his dad was chatting on Zoom.

Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, allegedly confessed to police following the afternoon killing in Amityville on Thursday, Newsday reported.

The father’s stab wounds were so severe that he was almost decapitated, according to reports released Friday.

“He kept breathing, so I had to keep stabbing him,” Scully-Powers told police, a prosecutor said at his arraignment on Friday, according to Newsday.

The son used several knives in the attack – because they kept bending, he explained – before slicing his father’s throat to the bone from ear to ear, prosecutors said.

He also admitted to stabbing his father several times in the chest, then turning him over and plunging a knife into his back, according to the report.

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media_cameraThomas Scully-Powers. Picture: Suffolk County NY/NY Post
Several people on the Zoom call phoned 911 but not all knew the victim’s address. Picture:”/>
media_cameraSeveral people on the Zoom call phoned 911 but not all knew the victim’s address. Picture: Supplied

The victim, 72-year-old Dwight Powers, was found dead at the home he shared with his son on Dixon Avenue after other participants on the video conference called 911, police said.

Scully-Powers jumped out of a window to avoid arrest, but was captured a short while later trying to wash himself off with Dr Pepper stolen from a nearby deli, Newsday reported.

The 32-year-old was apprehended about an hour after the murder at Ketcham Avenue and Cedar Street.

He was ordered held without bail and at his arraignment on murder charges, the newspaper reported.

Scully-Powers is accusing of his father of starting the fatal altercation and trying to cut his wrist, according to the prosecutor. She said police observed “a nick” on his wrist.

Scully-Powers faces a sentence of 25 to years to life if convicted.

This article originally appeared on the NY Post and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as Man almost decapitated during Zoom call

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