MLB 2020: Mike Trout baseball card sells for record-breaking $1,411,000 in auction

The record for highest bid on a modern-day baseball card has been toppled, with a sports memorabilia collector dishing out AU$1,411,000 for a Mike Trout rookie card on Thursday.

The card was sold During Goldin’s Spring 2020 Premium Auction, and received a gem mint 9.5 grade for being in near-perfect condition.

Only five copies of the rare Trout card have ever been produced, and was signed by the baseball superstar during his maiden MLB season.

Trout is widely-regarded as one of the best current players in the Major League Baseball. The 28-year-old has earned three MVPs and eight All-Star selections, and currently plays as a centre fielder for the Los Angeles Angels.

Despite Trout’s success on the field, the seven-figure bid for the 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Mike Trout Red Refractor Autograph is still mind-boggling.

In May 2018, the card sold for $612,000, meaning its value has more than doubled in two years.

Dave Oancea, the card’s previous owner, boasted about the sale on Twitter.

“My Mike Trout card sells for a record breaking (US)$900,000!” Oancea posted.

“How do I make $780,000 in one year off a baseball card with no sports being played? How the f*** do I do it?”

Another Trout card was sold during Thursday’s session, but the 2009 Trout Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractor Autograph only went for $102,000.

However, the all-time record for most expensive baseball card goes to the Honus Wagner T206, which was sold for $4.77 million in 2016.

Thursday’s auction also included items associated with NBA legends Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

In February, a basketball card with pieces of game-worn jerseys from Jordan and James sold for the same amount.

Originally published as Rare baseball card sells for $1.4m

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