‘National safety to put Hong Kong back on track’

The commissioner of Chinese foreign ministry in Hong Kong has hit out at countries criticising the central government over the national security legislation and called on the international community to “correctly” understand Beijing‘s measure.

The statement said Beijing‘s measure is to uphold the national safety and a way to put Hong Kong back on the right track.

The central government move had evoked worldwide reactions with the US Secretary of State describing it a “death knell” for the city while Britain, Canada and Australia issued a joint statement raising concern.

The ministry did not name any country in its statement, but urged countries to stop meddling in local and China affairs, saying some are even issuing threats over the matter.

He added that the high degree of autonomy in the SAR will not change and the benefits of foreign investors in Hong Kong continue to be protected.

He said when national security is indeed under proper protection, the development of Hong Kong will become better and that’s in line with the common interests of the international community.

Meanwhile, the local deputies to Beijing‘s top legislature and advisory body have issued separate statements, expressing their strong support to the national security laws legislation.

The Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress said the proposed law is to punish only those who indulge in activities that seriously endanger national security, but protects most Hong Kong residents.

Meanwhile the delegates to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said that without national security, there’s no stability and prosperity for the SAR.

They urged the public of Hong Kong to support the proposal, as it’s for the common benefit of the people.

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