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Property bust rattles Australian economy

As property prices rocketed toward the heady peak of Sydney's real-estate boom in 2017, the bulldozers came to Epping.Eucalypt-lined streets of red-brick bungalows in the middle-class suburb were snapped up at hefty premiums by…

Singin’ in the Rain director Donen dies

Stanley Donen, the former dancer who directed some of Hollywood's greatest musicals including Gene Kelly's landmark Singin' in the Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and On the Town, has died aged 94.Donen died of a heart attack on…

Nigeria counts presidential election votes

Nigeria has begun counting votes in a closely fought presidential election although the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places where polling stations opened late or ballot machines malfunctioned.President Muhammadu…

Kim begins long train ride to Trump summit

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has set off by train for Vietnam for his second summit with US President Donald Trump next week, media report, with two witnesses seeing a train crossing into China from North Korea.The reports of Kim's…
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