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Return and earn scheme: Leonie Starr recycling

A Queensland woman wants to fund her entire dream destination wedding through recycling containers — an ambitious plan that means she needs to recycle 810,000 bottles and cans.Leonie Starr from the Sunshine Coast has already recycled…

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant empire collapses

Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain is on the brink of collapse, putting 1300 jobs at risk. The celebrity chef’s firm Jamie’s Italian Limited - which includes 23 Jamie’s Italian restaurants and 15 Barbecoa outlets - has appointed KPMG as…

The feel good Sydney play you have to see

The cast of Puffs are the kind of people you want to hang out with.Tucked backstage they have a jar of positive affirmations they read out to each other each week, aptly named the “Puff love jar”.It sits among all the quirky and creative…

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