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Baby dies, four hurt in fire near Yuen Long

A one-year-old baby boy died after a fire broke out in apartment building in Hung Shui Kiu, near Yuen Long, on Saturday evening. The boy was among five people who were taken to hospital after the blaze started at Treasure Court. The…

‘I lost 28kg from home while my baby napped’

Like many women, Wilda Fox, now 28, wasn't happy with her post-baby body. So she worked out a way to shed weight, tone up and get fit from home - all in between her baby's naps!I'd always been into fitness, exercise and nutrition but as…

Pregnant woman dies after fall, baby survives

A 40-year-old pregnant woman died after falling from a height on Sunday evening, but her baby survived.Police said they received a report at 7:40pm that two women of non-Chinese descent were found lying in the back alley of a…

Hong Kong baby tests positive for Covid-19

A 40-day-old baby has initially tested positive for the coronavirus, sources told RTHK on Wednesday.The boy is being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. If the diagnoses is confirmed, it will make the baby the youngest coronavirus…
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