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UK Holds Firm On Brexit Extension

Despite the deadlock in post-Brexit EU trade talks and the disruption of coronavirus, London still refuses to consider delaying a December deadline -- and the outbreak may even have toughened its stance. When Britain left the…

UK, EU clash over Brexit trade deal

The European Union and Britain have clashed over a post-Brexit trade deal with Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisting he need not sign up to the bloc's rules and Brussels warning of tariffs and quotas unless he did.Britain wants to…

Brexit is here, but what changes?

BRUSSELS – At midnight on Friday — 1,317 days after British voters decided to leave the European Union — Brexit finally came about. So what changed?So far, not much. Daily business between the United Kingdom and the EU will…

Britain leaves the EU — now what?

LONDON – Britain left the European Union on Friday, ending more than four decades of economic, political and legal integration with its closest neighbors.But things will feel the same for many months, owing to a transition period…
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