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Haunting question girl asked Kmart attacker

It was a bustling summer Saturday like any other at a Brisbane Westfield when a mother took her seven-year-old girl shopping for Christmas gifts.It couldn’t have been a more of a normal scene — as millions of families around the country…

Brisbane Kmart child attacker faces 20 years

A paedophile who abducted a young girl from a Kmart toy aisle and molested her has been given eight years in prison, but he’ll likely serve a lot less.The mother of the seven-year-old girl taken from the Queensland shopping centre says…

Robin Bailey lists Brisbane home

Robin Bailey and her husband Sean Pickwell, who had been battling liver cancer for some time. Picture: Annette Dew. Radio personality Robin Bailey has listed her Brisbane home days after the tragic loss of her husband Sean Pickwell to…

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