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Seaweed traps Gold Coast beachgoer, pooch

Masses of "cornflake seaweed" piled up thigh-deep on southern Gold Coast beaches have caused a headache for at least one runner who had to be rescued from the algae.Seaweed expert Pia Winberg said the bloom of Colpomenia, also known as…

Young LNP leader faces racism backlash

A Young LNP leader in Queensland could be dumped after he was filmed laughing at a teenager saying Australia should "stop celebrating a culture that couldn't even invent the bloody wheel".Barclay McGain, chairman of the Gold Coast Young…

Ladbrokes Late Mail: Latest sports betting news

Play SuperCoach BBL – pick your team today digital subscription offer: $5 a month for the first 3 monthsAustralia cruised to victory against Pakistan in the opening Test of the summer, as expected, but that wasn’t…
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