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Celebrity bushfire donations killing tourism

Australia has been dealt a massive blow with these fires. Even after the first green shoots come up through ashy forest floors, and even after burned out homes start to get rebuilt, the tourism industry will be suffering.This is a…

Shocking celebrity deaths of the 2010s

We’ve had to say goodbye to many famous faces over the past decade, but some of the celebrity deaths have hit harder than others. Too many times in the past ten years we’ve lost notable figures too soon, and in often terrible…

The 10 most shocking celebrity scandals of 2019

Racist rants, bizarre crime hoaxes, trainwreck interviews and reality stars gone rogue – 2019 was chock full of celebrity scandals, some of them truly bizarre.Folks, it’s been a long year …PRINCE ANDREW’S ROYAL SHAME media_cameraPrince…

Funniest celebrity photos of 2019

Woody Harrelson got drunk at the tennis, Leonardo DiCaprio got hit in the head with a volleyball and Lizzo got down to her undies at the basketball. These are some of this year’s most entertaining celebrity moments of 2019. Enjoy.Poor…

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