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Anti-lockdown protesters caught spreading virus

US protesters who decried COVID-19 as fake and an attack on their liberties have been carrying the disease back to their remote communities.And it was their use of the same mobile phones they accuse of being channels of contagion that…

Meghan Markle to appear on Canadian reality-TV

It may not be Hollywood, but it’s a start.Meghan Markle‘s first post-Royal TV gig — albeit part-time — will be a Canadian reality show about second weddings, The New York Post has learned.Markle, 38, will make multiple appearances on “I…

Gianna Bryant was special in her own right

Her name was Gianna Maria Onore Bryant. The world, now and forever, knows her as Gigi.Her dad, Kobe Bryant, called her Mambacita. He was Mamba, of course, and she was going to be basketball’s female version of him. She was going to play…

The Conjuring’s Lorraine Warren dead at 92

Paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren, whose decades of ghost-hunting with her late husband Ed inspired horror films such as The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror, has died aged 92. During their 61 years of marriage, the couple…
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