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Cuba Dreading Trump Re-election, Says Diplomat

The re-election of Donald Trump as president of the United States would be "the worst" scenario for Cuba, Havana's top diplomat in charge of relations with Washington told AFP. "If the Republicans win ... it's a very negative…

China could take advantage of North Korea

What a difference two weeks makes.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has gone from “gravely ill” to “perfectly fine” to “vegetative state” during the fortnight since he was last seen, but the truth is we’re all just speculating.The…

Cortes conquest of Mexico 500 years ago

Second 90210 star dies Doco colours our history The Spanish ships anchored in the bay off the shore of Mexico and a severe-looking, bearded man clad in armour came ashore. Planting a Spanish flag he claimed the land for Spain.According…
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