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Nurse’s bizarre excuse for illegal 400km trip

A coronavirus-infected nurse told authorities she took an illegal 400km trip to a tiny Queensland town – where the nation’s youngest COVID-19 death occurred this week – to "see a sunset".Nathan Turner, 30, was discovered unresponsive…

Spike in Aussie cases as lockdowns ease

Aussies became the envy of many around the world on Friday, when pubs in New South Wales and the Northern Territory flung open their doors for the first time in weeks.The Northern Territory, which has recorded just 30 cases of…

Normal international air travel three years away

The idea of an overseas holiday could be longer away than we expected with an international airline boss predicting things won't be normal until 2023.Alexandre de Juniac, chief executive of the International Air Transport Association,…

UK punishes China over cover-up claims

The UK is the first nation to outwardly dismiss China's coronavirus data amid concerns of a massive cover-up. The British Government has sent a blunt message to China and the message is clear: We don’t believe you. In press…
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