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NRL 2020: Josh Reynolds police charges dropped

NSW Police have dropped domestic violence charges against Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds.Reynolds was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm in December relating to an alleged domestic violence incident.NSW Police…

Miranda Devine: Stop assuming the worst of men

AS if bushfire victims haven’t been through enough, now the men who have suffered are being unfairly accused of a thought crime: contemplating domestic violence.It was bad enough last year, when domestic violence activist Sherele Moody…

How Rowan Baxter ambushed family

Murderer Rowan Baxter ambushed his estranged wife and held a knife to her throat inside her car before he lit a match and burned his family to death, according to reports.But not before Hannah Clarke, 31, made a final bid to save her…

The violent obsessive men who control, kill women

They call it the “danger time”, when women in relationships with obsessive, controlling men are at greatest risk of harm being done to themselves, their children and anyone they love. It’s when the woman summons the courage to leave the…

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