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Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd dead aged 56

Sam Lloyd – who played lawyer Ted Buckland on the hit TV series Scrubs – is dead at the age of 56.A cause of death has not yet been revealed but last year, Sam was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.On Friday, Scrubs creator Bill…

How Rowan Baxter ambushed family

Murderer Rowan Baxter ambushed his estranged wife and held a knife to her throat inside her car before he lit a match and burned his family to death, according to reports.But not before Hannah Clarke, 31, made a final bid to save her…

Staggering amount raised by comedian

People are calling for Celeste Barber to run the country after raising a staggering $25 million in just three days.The comedian set up a Facebook fundraiser on Friday and by late that afternoon she had received an extraordinary amount of…
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