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Ex-top cop Pope named as Lawyer X leak

Former Victoria Police assistant commissioner Jeff Pope has been named as the source of a 2014 leak revealing lawyer Nicola Gobbo was an informer.Homicide detective Sol Solomon recorded the allegation in a diary note after he was…

Lawyer X admits informing was ‘wrong’

Gangland lawyer Nicola Gobbo has admitted she knew her informing was wrong and she did it to impress people.She says she is not trying to make excuses for her years of wrongdoing, but claims she felt pressure from police and underworld…

Lawyer X: Nicola Gobbo has her say

HOW NICOLA GOBBO'S LAWYER X ROYAL COMMISSION EVIDENCE IS UNFOLDING:* For a year the woman known as Lawyer X, Nicola Gobbo, has heard what everyone else says. Now it's her turn to give evidence. She's taken the oath, vowing to tell the…

Taiwan’s Weed Lawyer: An Interview with Zoe Lee

by Brian Hioe 語言:English /// 中文Photo credit: 麻煩找菁琪律師-Better call Zoe/Facebook New Bloom interviewed Zoe Lee (李菁琪), party list legislative candidate for the Green Party, on November 29th. Lee is a human rights and environmental lawyer,…
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