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Mass riots erupt in at least 20 US cities

Protests are raging in at least 20 US cities including Minneapolis, Houston and Phoenix following the death of African American man George Floyd at the hands of white law enforcement officers in Minneapolis.At least 50 people were…

‘Wild’ protests and looting in Los Angeles

Violent protests have spread to Los Angeles in California as protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd intensify across the US.Reports have emerged of looting of major businesses in the city’s shopping precinct with rioters…

Kyle Sandilands’ health reveal ‘a joke’

Despite speculation Kyle Sandilands was poised to reveal a serious health condition in an “emotionally charged” profile on 60 Minutes, the interview turned out to be nothing more than a joke. The segment, which was filmed over a…

Binge: What you can watch on new streaming app

New streaming app so good ‘you can’t switch off’The sassy sister act to Kayo, Binge offers more than 10,000 hours of premium drama, lifestyle and reality entertainment, as well as new release movies and an unrivalled back catalogue of…
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