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Farmers lose crops in severe WA storm

Farmers are lamenting the loss of vital crops as Western Australia mops up after a large part of the state endured two days of wild weather from a once-in-a-decade storm.As remnants of ex-tropical cyclone Mangga clashed with a cold front…

Taiwanese in Norway lose name change lawsuit

Berlin, May 2 (CNA) A group of Taiwanese residing in Norway lost a lawsuit filed last year against the Norwegian government, accusing it of improperly changing their designated nationality from Taiwan to China in their residency…

Aldi lovers lose it over $5 freezer dupe

Keen Aussie shoppers stalking the shelves of Aldi have revealed the supermarket chain is now selling a “dupe” of an expensive healthier ice-cream for a fraction of the cost.The budget alterative to Halo Top, a high-protein, low-calorie…
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