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Arrest of Next Magazine reporters condemned

The Journalists Association and the Press Photographers Association have condemned the police over the arrest of two reporters from the Next Magazine on Tuesday. The magazine also issued a separate statement criticising the police…

Interview: Asylum Access | New Bloom Magazine

by Brian Hioe 語言:EnglishPhoto credit: Pixabay/Public Domain New Bloom editor Brian Hioe spoke to Asylum Access, an international NGO working on asylum issues, about the status of asylum laws in Taiwan, the organization’s work, and its…

Why is China Developing a New J-11 Variant?

Next generation technologies on the J-11D likely to surpass Russia’s Su-35 By Abraham Ait for The DiplomatApril 20, 2019China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force recently unveiled the first high quality images of the J-11D “4++…
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