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Serena Williams withdraws from Miami Open 2019

Serena Williams withdrew from the WTA and ATP Masters Miami Open on Sunday with a left knee injury. The 23-time grand slam champion’s withdrawal comes a day after she beat Sweden’s Rebecca Peterson in three sets to reach the third…

Meet Joe Black: What happened to Claire Forlani?

Jesinta Franklin: ‘I’m not going to be the tanned, perfect blonde’Danny DeVito was eating WHAT in Batman Returns? Actor Claire Forlani found fame playing the love interest to Brad Pitt at the crest of his late ’90s run as a matinee idol.…

Vicky Roach review: Five Feet Apart

*** 1/2Director Justin BaldoniStarring Haley Lu Richardson, Cole SprouseRunning time 116 minutesVerdict A heart-wrenching, three-hanky romanceInstead of feuding families, this contemporary Romeo and Juliet are separated by…

Vicky Roach review: Fighting With My Family

Three stars Director Stephen Merchant Starring Florence Pugh, Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey Rating M Running time 109 minutes Verdict This underdog story has a strong pedigreeDwayne Johnson knows a good wrestling story when he sees…

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