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First Iranian Oil Tanker Docks In Venezuela

The first of five Iranian tankers carrying much-needed gasoline and oil derivatives has docked in Venezuela and a second one entered its waters, the government said on Monday amid concern in Washington over the burgeoning…

The Trader Who Called The 2020 Oil Crisis

French oil trader Pierre Andurand was catapulted into the spotlight this year after correctly betting that the deadly novel coronavirus would spark a sub-zero oil market collapse. Andurand, the 43-year-old founder of London-based…

Are Oil Prices Over The Worst Of The Crisis?

World crude prices have staged a modest recovery from last month's dizzying collapse, prompting analysts to wonder whether the worst of the 2020 oil crisis is over. The commodity tanked for the first time into negative territory…

Japan pump price down for 13th straight week

The average retail gasoline price in Japan as of Monday fell ¥1 from a week before to ¥130.9 per liter, down for the 13th consecutive week, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy said Wednesday.Crude oil prices have dropped to…
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