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PLA chopper goes down at country park

A PLA helicopter has crashed at Tai Lam Country Park during a training session, and there's no word on what happened to the crew on board.It's believed to be the first incident of its kind in Hong Kong since the 1997 handover.The…

Crowds mourn student at TKO car park

A large crowd of people on Sunday evening gathered outside the Tseung Kwan O car park where university student Alex Chow fell to his death, to commemorate four months since his passing.Mourners placed lit candles and bouquets of…

Park your cash in this savvy little investment

Don’t pay for parking – buy a parking space! Taplin Real Estate’s Geoff Cooney in one of the parking spaces available at 200 Pirie St, Adelaide. PIC TAIT SCHMAAL. IT might not have kerb appeal but there’s one property investment that’s…
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