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Police attacked amid another day of unrest

Police have accused protesters of using a ‘sharp-edged object’ to slash the back of an officer's neck at the Kwun Tong station, drawing blood.In a statement, the force said the officer was conscious when he was taken to hospital, and…

HK protesters taunt riot police at rallies

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists have staged a cat-and-mouse game with riot police, mounting protests in several shopping malls and chanting slogans such as "Free Hong Kong" until police arrived and then dispersing among weekend…

Police confront protesters across Hong Kong

There have been several confrontations between police and protesters after hundreds of people gathered across Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon in response to online calls for rallies in major shopping malls. Some shops operated by the…

Shops blackmailed into funding protests: police

Police claimed on Friday that efforts are being made to blackmail commercial businesses in the city into funding the ongoing anti-government protests.At a press briefing, the force said it had received four reports of blackmail this…

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