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Dem to argue Trump obstructed probe

Democrats serving as prosecutors in US President Donald Trump's impeachment trial will make their case that he improperly interfered in Congress' probe of his dealings with Ukraine in their final day of arguments.Democratic managers from…

State of Customs boat a focus of sinking probe

The authorities say they will be looking at what condition a Customs Department boat was in before it capsized in waters near the airport on Tuesday night, killing three officers. The two men and one woman were part of a five-person…

Govt mum on our probe proposal: Bar Association

A Bar Association official said on Wednesday that they haven't heard anything yet from the government on a detailed proposal they submitted on how an independent inquiry can be set up to look into the anti-government protests and…

Iran, Ukraine begin plane crash probe

Iranian and Ukrainian officials are investigating the crash of a Ukrainian airliner near Tehran amid mounting claims the jet was shot down.All 176 people on board the Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) Boeing 737 airliner died when…
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