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Spread could soon go global

Coronavirus has broken containment. It’s exploding across the world, from Italy to Singapore, South Korea and Japan. Now Australian medicos are sounding the alarm: we must prepare for this pandemic to strike home, Soon.There’s been a…

Why Xi Jinping wore mask on Wuhan visit

China’s President Xi Jinping has hailed “hard-won progress” to halt the spread of coronavirus, as experts fear we have not yet seen the peak of the deadly disease. The Chinese leader chaired a meeting of the Communist Party’s…

Coronavirus: Why cases jumped by 14,000 in China

China’s official death toll from the new coronavirus spiked dramatically on Thursday after authorities changed their counting methods, fuelling concern the epidemic is far worse than being reported.As the figures soared in China, a…

Racism towards Chinese spreads alongside virus

Chinese media has answered the call on behalf of its people — both at home and abroad — whom it feels have been racially discriminated against, abused, antagonised for simply being from the source country of the deadly coronavirus.As…
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