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Ant infestation plagues northern Gold Coast homes

HORRIFIC ant infestations have been bugging northern Gold Coast locals who are struggling to deal with the onslaught of the tiny pests. Locals in Pacific Pines, Oxenford, Coomera, Nerang and surrounding areas have been inundated with the…

Townsville floods kill third person, one missing

Queensland’s once-in-a-century monsoonal deluge has claimed another life.In Townsville, where floodwaters inundated thousands of homes and businesses, melioidosis has infected 10 people, killing one, Queensland Health says. The disease…

Russia to cut-off internet in preparation for war

President Putin has ordered Russia to unplug itself from the internet. The nation accused of planning to use submarines to cut vital international cables wants to make sure its own economy can survive ‘offline’. Russian media reports the…

Brisbane jury duty | The Courier-Mail

SUPREME AND DISTRICT COURTS BRISBANE: Tuesday 12 February 2019: NOTICES: CEREMONY NOTICE: Legal practitioners and members of the public are advised that a Welcome Ceremony will be held for His Honour Judge John Allen QC and Her Honour…
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