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How they got their US move so wrong

Of all the things that this crisis has changed, one of the most profound is our sense of time. Days seem to melt into one another, hours evaporate and yet it is perpetually a shock when you realise that only two months ago we choked up…

Duke of Sussex, prepares to farewell royal life

On February 29, 2008, Prince Harry was hastily withdrawn from Afghanistan.After having spent ten weeks on the frontline, New Idea had broken the global media blackout on reporting the royal’s presence in the war-ravaged nation where he…

inside Prince Harry’s rapid makeover

There is every chance that Prince Harry remembers Valentine’s Day 2014.Not because he spent it ensconced on some romantic date with his then-squeeze Cressida Bonas, but because he worked while up to his knees in flood waters, hefting…
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