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Police question juvenile over Sunshine Coast blaze

If you want to get an idea of just how ferocious today’s bushfires are in Queensland and New South Wales, look down from the sky. Satellite imagery, aired by Channel 9, has shown the blaze’s impact near Angourie in northern NSW. The fire…

Sewage plant to be built at Chambers Flat

A LOGAN strawberry farm will be neighbours to the state’s newest sewage treatment plant, which will be built at Chambers Flat.Logan City Council yesterday broke its silence on the address of the sewage plant, pinpointing 100 acres of…

Brisbane jury duty | The Courier-Mail

SUPREME AND DISTRICT COURTS BRISBANE: Tuesday 12 February 2019: NOTICES: CEREMONY NOTICE: Legal practitioners and members of the public are advised that a Welcome Ceremony will be held for His Honour Judge John Allen QC and Her Honour…
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