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Meghan Markle: | The Courier-Mail

The Queen was left “hurt and disappointed” when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, skipped visiting Balmoral in favour of her last-minute trip to New York over the weekend.Meghan took a commercial flight on Friday so that she could see her pal…

Chocolatier Sir Macpherson Robertson born 1859

SEPTEMBER 6, 1859: BIRTH OF CHOCOLATIER MACPHERSON ROBERTSON The chocolatier in his distinctive white suit was talking about a new product with his mould makers. It was to be a chocolate mouse, something bite size but satisfying. With…

Brexit: Brutal front page slams Brexit bombshell

After a historic day that’s left Brexit hanging in the balance, one of the UK’s tabloid newspapers has reacted with a scathing attack on the country’s parliament.In chaotic scenes late on Tuesday in London, opposition MPs and rebel…

Allan Pinkerton born 1819 | The Courier-Mail

World waited as Kursk crew drew last breathsQuest for North Pole doomed before it beganThe life of a cooper in Illinois in the 19th century would not normally have been full of excitement and danger. But Scottish immigrant barrel maker…
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