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SA Qantas baggage staff have COVID-19

Six Qantas baggage handlers have tested positive to coronavirus prompting concerns for their fellow workers at Adelaide Airport.About 100 other baggage handlers are now being investigated and a large number are expected to be forced into…

ISD staff ‘comes down with Covid-19 virus’

A staff working at the government's Information Services Department has reportedly come down with the Covid-19 virus. It's understood that the employee went overseas on the 7th of this month and returned to Hong Kong more than a week…

Major cull of Virgin, Flight Centre staff

The head of Virgin Australia says more than 1000 of 8000 workers asked to take leave in the face of the coronavirus will probably be made redundant.The airline has asked 80 per cent of its 10,000 staff to take a mixture of holiday, long…

Second Now TV staff tests positive for virus

Now TV said on Wednesday that another of its video editors has been tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.If confirmed in the final test, this will be the second case found at the broadcaster as another video editor had tested…
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