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K-Pop star Sulli found dead at 25

K-Pop star Sulli was found dead on Monday aged 25.Police said her manager went to her home in Seongnam, near Seoul, at 3:20pm local time when he couldn’t contact her, The Sun reports.The singing superstar, real name Choi Jin-ri, was a…

IS brides and soldiers threaten to escape camps

Fears are growing that more than 100,000 IS jihadis including their brides and children could escape detention centres and refugee camps as their Kurdish guards flee to fight Turkey on the front lines. The men - 11,000 captured IS…

Sydney, Melbourne CBD toll could speed up traffic

For decades, Australian cities have built new motorways in order to cut down on congestion. And yet one looks at Google Maps shows the uncomfortable truth — that the multi-billion dollar road projects are those that now have the biggest…

Skinny Sydney home only 2.5m wide up for sale

No. 19 London St, Enmore, is only 2.5m wide. Buyers looking to live life on the skinny side need to look no further than this Sydney terrace. Measuring only 2.5m wide, this Enmore property is one of the skinniest properties to hit the…

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