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Tiger pilots to be axed by Friday: Union

More than 200 pilots will lose their jobs on Friday as a result of the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the aviation union says.The Australian Federation of Air Pilots says all TigerAir pilots will be made redundant by the end of…

Cruise ships should go home: NSW Police

Police are urging foreign cruise ships floating off NSW to immediately go home rather than risk flooding the state's hospitals with coronavirus patients.NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says there are nine cruise ships either docked…

What would stage four lockdown mean?

Your UberEats delivery could be next on the chopping block.Officeworks may be spared but Harvey Norman might be forced to shut, while Bunnings has a decent chance of keeping its doors open if the country moves to “stage four” coronavirus…

NIB boss says virus battle may hit savings

NIB will easily handle postponing premium increases, but boss Mark Fitzgibbon can see a possibility that the coronavirus crisis could ravage its savings.Private health insurers on Sunday said they will postpone April 1 premium increases,…
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